Sunday, July 5, 2009

Massie Block- About me!

Hey, my name is Massie Block, I live in WestChester, New York and I live on an Estate, its very large and has tons of land. I have a guest-house in my backyard too!!! and a HUGE pool INSIDE my house. I will be posting picture of my house soon. Ohhh. BTW, if you are an LBR, get off this site!!! EHMAGAWD! I have the cutest pug ever, her name is Bean, I go to OCD, aka Octavin Country Day school,its a private school. My friend include, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil and Kristen Gregory. I had to have a LBR from EW-LANDO florida come live in my guest house, her name is KUH-LAIRE LYONS!!! I do these things called Current State Of the Unions telling what's in-style and what's out of style. Bye for now!!! Going out with the girls. Ohh and I have a stardoll account, its MasiieBlock....

♥ Massie

p.s. my next post will be my house and land. Oh and I have a horse named Brownie.

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