Saturday, March 13, 2010

We moved!!!!

I HAVE to admit, I DID copy the name Bean from the Clique books......But I had a black pug before I read the clique books, just like a day before and I didn't know what to name her...then I liked the name... (: Here's a pic of my little princess! ♥♥♥♥
My cover for my ipod touch....yeeahhh its PURPLE ZEBRA print, I ♥♥♥♥ Zebra Print. Here is all for now! (: xoxo Massie

My ipod touch....yes, its purple!!!!!

What MY iphone looks like.....I couldn't find a pic I have of it just laying on my desk or whatnot....:(

What my computer aka the Imac looks like....

This was my room BEFORE we moved in, what the other girl had on her bed in her room. It's uhhh-glyyy! I have to take some of it now, Or find some better pics that my parents have taken. (: and in this pic you can't see the crappy computer she had!!!! I will put a pic of my imac on here.... lol.
This is my indoor pool. Where me and my gurlies hangout!!! (:
^^^^^ This is my NEW HOUSE!!! Isn't it AH-MAZING?!!! I LOVE IT! ^^^^^^^^

Massie here, just wanted to say that we moved in to a bigger better house, but we still have everything. I need. Indoor and outdoor pool, a HUGE white room and everything just like in the Clique books how I was born! (: Yes, My name really IS massie block! I DO live in WestChester,New York and everything like Massie in the clique series!

Today Saturday March 13th,2010, I had solo ensamble....where I had to play in a flute chior AND do a flute solo for judges....the Judges HATED mine....I didn't think I did that bad neither did my band teacher OR my parents....but I am a star told by my parents... well i'm tired. I'm going to start making current state of the unions on here for my clique to look at!!! ☺



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